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How To Start

First, please contact us for an initial discussion to determine if the proposed transaction will fit our parameters. (Any information discussed or provided to us will remain confidential.)

Following our initial discussion, we may ask you to provide the following additional information in order to help us properly evaluate and respond to your proposed transaction:

  • • Description of the project (Location, size, age, etc.)

  • • Description of project’s current use and/or proposed use

  • • Name of tenant/lessee

  • • Cost to acquire and/or construct the project

  • • If facility is existing, date of construction and current condition of facility

  • • If renovation is required, estimated renovation period and proposed renovation budget including all hard
    and soft costs

  • • If new construction is planned, estimated development period and proposed development budget
    including all hard and soft costs

  • • Copy of current leases or proposed terms of new lease

  • • Tenant’s source of lease payment

  • • Special conditions: (environmental, title, ground lease, etc.)

For a general description of qualifications, go to the Tax-Exempt Leasing page.