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What We Do

Public Realty Capital provides tax-exempt financing and leasing solutions to clients nationwide for the delivery and occupancy of public use projects. We are experienced in all facets of the real estate process:

  • • Acquisition/disposition
  • • Design-Build
  • • Financing
  • • Leasing

Our satisfied client list has grown to

  • • Architects
  • • Contractors
  • • Developers
  • • Owners/investors
  • • Government users

Our various programs explained below are tailored to meet the diverse needs of all the parties in a transaction.

LEASE- PURCHASE, an investment solution

This structure converts expensive operating leases into beneficial Lease with Option to Purchase agreements. A single purpose entity formed by Public Realty Capital will acquire the designated project and simultaneously provide the government tenant with a reduced lease payment and an equity benefit not available under current operating leases. This structure is used for owners of buildings who currently have long term operating leases with government tenants.

DESIGN-BUILD-LEASE, a fast-track delivery solution

If the requirements are for the construction of a new building or the renovation of an existing building, we will provide a turnkey Design-Build-Lease solution. We team with selected developers/contractors and deliver to our government tenant a completed project quickly while eliminating the pitfalls inherent in the traditional bid process. Cost controls and construction risks are eliminated by use of a fixed price contract with the developer/contractor. Lease payments do not begin until the project is completed and occupied. These programs provide a financing package of up to one hundred percent (100%) of the project’s cost.

SALE-LEASEBACK, a financial solution

Often, non-profit corporations and government entities have a need for cash or to improve their balance sheet. Within the Sale-Leaseback structure, Public Realty Capital acquires your project, provides capital to the public entity, eliminates the high cost of carrying expensive real estate on their balance sheet and preserves their right to occupy the project under a long-term cost-effective lease.

LEASE-LEASEBACK, a creative solution

If a land site is chosen for a new development project, but title cannot be conveyed, a Lease-leaseback structure provides for the long-term use of the land pursuant to a ground lease. Once the ground lease is executed, the developer/contractor will construct the project and lease back the completed project to the government tenant. When all lease payments have been made, title to the project is transferred to the tenant and the ground lease expires. Whereas conventional lenders are not comfortable with a financing package without the security interest in the land, Public Realty Capital understands the limitations that may be imposed by government entities and designs an alternative solution that still meets our client’s needs. Use of this structure is a common component for many of our transactions.

Additional Public Realty programs now being developed are as follows:.

  • • Operating Leases with "bond-like" features:
  • • Residual Value protection
  • • Capital Repair/Maintenance protection